Monday, 17 October 2016

'Doing A Danczuk' in Africa!

IN a post titled 'More Crappy Conduct by Danczuk' on the 11th, June 2016, Northern Voices described how Simon Danczuk had admitted to copyright violations and his publisher paid £250 to John Walker, the former co-editor of the 'Rochdale Alternative Paper'. At the time we promised that the money would go towards the construction of a toilet block in The Gambia. Below is a recent item from the October 2016 newsletter Big changes at Sohm:
DOING a Danczuk! Some readers/site visitors to this site may know that John has been in dispute with Rochdale MP,  Simon Danczuk, for the last three years over copyright/plagiarism issues around his book, Smile for the Camera,  which claimed to expose his predecessor as MP,  Cyril Smith's, sexual abuse of young men in and around Rochdale.
John always made it clear to Danczuk that any payments made to him for his work on the highly successful book would be donated to this charity - and find its way to Sohm. We said that if the donation were significant enough that we could ensure that a facility at one of the schools would be named after him: say the 'Simon Danczuk ICT suite', or 'Simon Danczuk science laboratory'.
Danczuk consistently refused to make a donation.
Eventually we challenged his publisher, Backbite, over copyright issues. They, reluctantly, made a donation of £250 - which is now with this charity.

True to our word, we will put the money towards refurbishing a toilet block at one of the schools, and have the facility named 'The Simon Danczuk toilet'.  In all the circumstances, we feel that this is an appropriate name.  It will, after all, give an appropriate meaning in The Gambia, at least to the notion of 'Going for a Danczuk'. We will post a photo of the suitably named facility, when we next visit the country.

In keeping with the Danczuks predilection for selling photos of themselves, we will happily send photos of pupils 'on their way to doing a Danczuk', for an appropriate donation.  Just let us know!

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