Friday, 21 October 2016

Danczuk wants new Communication's Officer!


The contents of the post below was sent to N.V. by a source in the Rochdale Liberal-Democrat Party:
IN what must be the most difficult job in politics, disgraced Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk is advertising for a new Communication's Officer role - under the Labour Party banner.  The advert appears on the website - a site that is an MP's favourite for employing staff.  It is advertised as a Labour MP's appointment.  This is despite currently being suspended by the Labour Party. 
Local Lib Dem Leader Councillor Andy Kelly said:
'Yet again - Mr Danczuk is 'masquerading' as a Labour MP despite being suspended over lewd, lurid texts to a teenage girl.  Unless Jeremy Corbyn has made a decision on his future and not telling anybody - this is deliberate misrepresentation.  I wrote to Ian McNichol, General Secretary of the Labour Party months ago - pointing out that Danczuk was still using Labour Party branding on his website. Nothing happened and to this day - his internet presence still remains the same.  If Labour have made a decision on Danczuk's future then Jeremy Corbyn must come clean and say so.  It will send a clear message that under Jeremy Corbyn's Leadership - Simon Danczuk's behaviour is acceptable.'
Danczuk's staffing arrangements have long been controversial.  Questions remain whether he still employs his ex-wife Karen part-time in his office.  Recently his former caseworker Elsie Wraight caused controversy when she became Council Leader Richard Farnell's taxpayer funded PA - despite the job not being advertised.  He was also criticised at Christmas for employing a 'crisis management' adviser on the taxpayer at a time when his bad behaviour was splashed on the front of all the tabloids.

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