Monday, 3 October 2016

Gentrification in Bristol & Beyond

1.Gentrification in Bristol.
Working class people in Bristol are being marginalised.
What were predominantly working class suburban areas are being gentrified by the influx of white middle class professional people. An average Victorian bay front terraced house is about £280k.

2. Arts Trails.
How many teachers , architects, estate agents, solicitors and accountants can a City sustain?
We have more Arts Trails than I have had hot dinners in the last few months.
St Werburghs Arts Trail, Windmill Hill Arts Trail, North Bristol Arts Trail etc..
How many artists, sculptors , potters and the like can a City sustain? 
In Bristol an Arts Trail is where you wander into peoples terraced houses and have a good nosey at what they make.

3. Festivals.
How many Festivals does a City need?
Festival of the Mind, Docks Heritage Weekend, Love Saves the Day, Black History Month, etc etc.
I even helped at the Celebration of Age Festival.

4. How many Posh Restaurants & Posh Coffee Shops does a City need?
We have more diverse restaurants selling fancy food at extortionate prices than we need. 
Coffee Shops selling Coffee at arm and a leg prices.
What wrong with pie and chips? Have a drink of coffee before you go out.

5. How many Student flats can a City sustain?
Purpose built & office conversions to student flats are a growth industry in Bristol. The bank of Mum & Dad probably pay the £125-£150 a week plus.
The flats are being built in the Centre of Bristol which means the City Centre area is becoming dominated by 18-24 year olds.

Kevin Brenan ( mainly joking of course)

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