Thursday, 13 October 2016

Barnsley Labour History Festival


Saturday October 15th

10.30am   The Yorkshire Rising of 1820    Malcolm Chase
11.45         Readings from John Hugh Burland’s “Annals of Barnsley”
12.50 – 2pm       Dinner.   There is a solidarity protest for the Kinsley 3 strike in the precinct.   
                       Please support. 
2pm          Votes for Women –campaigning in Barnsley and beyond.  Jill Liddington
3.15pm    Labour Politics in Barnsley 1890-1910   Keith Laybourn
4.30pm    The Matchwomen’s Strike and New Unionism    Louise Raw (finishes 5.35pm)

7.30pm    “The Price of Coal”    Directed by Ken Loach. Written by Barry Hines.  

Sunday October 16th 

10am         The Great Unrest   1910-14    Ralph Darlington (John Newsinger is ill). 
11.15         The General Strike     Daryl Leeworthy
12.30pm   Work Camps in Yorkshire in the 1930s   John Field
1.35 – 2.40pm                      Dinner
2.40pm      Asian Youth Movements in South and West Yorkshire in 1970/80s
                      Anandi Ramamurthy
3.55pm      The Miners’ Strikes of 1972 and 1984/5    Ralph Darlington

The Festival has been financially sponsored by the TUC, BFAWU, UCU Yorkshire Regional Committee, Leeds and Hull Trades Councils, Barnsley UNISON

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