Friday, 15 July 2016

Selling Brexit

by Les May
DURING the EU referendum campaign one of the claims of the vote Leave protagonists was that too many decisions were being taken by the unelected officials of the European Commission rather than elected politicians.  That wasn't true of course, but it made a good selling point for Brexit.

Is it not somewhat ironical that so far all the major decisions regarding how to deal with the economic uncertainty caused by the vote to leave the EU have been taken by an unelected official who isn't even British?

The Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is a Canadian banker and economist. He had consistently warned against the possible economic effects of Brexit before the vote and immediately went before the TV cameras to let it be known that banks would be able to access central funds to prevent a slump in lending and eased the capital requirements on banks to free up further cash.

Elected politician George Osborne could only nod agreement before pinching the policies of Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell's by tearing up the austerity policies he had inflicted on the country for the past six years.

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