Saturday, 23 July 2016

Is the Labour Party in its Death Throws?

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The Stench of Death hangs over The Guardian – not Labour.

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The Haze was amused to read a recent slew of articles in The Guardian,  insisting that the Labour Party has been afflicted by some terrible disease and is close to death. Voters are getting involved in politics it seems and this has got The Guardian terribly upset.
In this vitriolic piece Nick Cohen smears colleague Seamus Milne as being part of a Corbyn “insurgency” and Paul Mason for “taking braggart swagger and cocksure certainties of newspaper punditry into politics”. The article drips with anger and bile – but after reading it (and many others) it strikes us that it is not The Labour Party that is in danger of expiring – but The Guardian.
Rewind to December of last year and  we see The Guardian Media Group losing money – losses so serious that GMG proposed axing 250 jobs (13% of its workforce) including 100 posts in editorial.  Look at this chart of losses since 2008.
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