Monday, 25 July 2016

Appeal for Funding of a British Film Noir!

MY name is Diogo Salgado and I’m currently studying Digital Media Production at Sheffield Hallam University going into my 3rd year.   

I hope that you don’t mind my getting in touch with you but we have been talking to Cinema for All about a particular opportunity that we would like to offer up to community cinemas, film clubs and societies. 

I’m currently helping with the release of a new British Independent Film, THE INCIDENT.  In preparation for the film’s UK release in the Autumn we are working hard to raise the profile of the film, by reaching out to those we think the film maybe of interest to.

The film has very strong links to Yorkshire; the film was shot in West Yorkshire, our Director Jane Linfoot is from York, our Producer Caroline Cooper Charles is based in Sheffield, and our actress Tasha Connor is from Leeds.   

British independent films are increasingly difficult to get made, and distributed; the challenge is multiplied for female filmmakers – only 11.9% of British films are made by female directors, this is one of those rare films!   

THE INCIDENT is a modern British Noir -  a tense, atmospheric emotionally haunting, thought-provoking film.  We are reaching out to film clubs who are interested in supporting British independent films through their clubs and membership.  

We are currently in the midst of crowd funding to help us release our film in a small selection of independent cinemas and on Video on Demand in the Autumn.  The below link gives you all the details on our film, and our campaign.   

Campaign Link: -  

We are offering a specific PERK to Film clubs, whereby for a £100 donation you would be purchasing the license to screen this British film at your club (after the film’s official release), with a signed poster included, and the name of your Film Club would appear in our film credits as a SUPPORTER of this film. 

In addition, should you be interested in having the Director: Jane Linfoot attend the screening for a Q&A this could be arranged if travel / overnight costs are covered where necessary.  

The attached E-Flyer has all the relevant information - if it is at all possible for you to share some of our posts regarding our campaign they can be found on our Facebook page and Twitter feed - it would be a tremendous help to us to have these shared.   

Thank you so much for your time. 

Kindest regards, 

Diogo Salgado. 

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