Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Angela Eagle: the Brick & the Coup!

by Les May
I HESITATE to say that Angela Eagle lied about having a brick thrown through her constituency office window, but she is certainly guilty of of not having done anything to correct the impression given in some sections of the press that it was done by a Corbyn supporter and had been done to 'bully' her after she announced she was challenging Corbyn for Labour leader.

But as is clear from a statement made by an Eagle supporter and reported in The Guardian, Eagle's office just happens to be in the same building.  The accompanying image shows that the window was at the foot of a stairwell and not in an office.

According to a local councillor, Bernie Mooney:
'Someone put a brick through the window last night. At the side of Angela’s office there is a massive window from the floor to the top with six or seven panes and it’s broken one of them. They had come up the side of the building. There are three or four businesses in here as well as Angela’s office.'

It seems that for Angela the brick through the window has been much the same as the failed coup in Turkey for Erdogan; something to be taken advantage of.

Even his enemies agree that Corbyn is a decent man.  How about Angela showing she's a decent woman by setting the record straight?

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Paul said...

And just to update everybody five months later, Merseyside police have released a statement in response to a Freedom of information request lodged in August 2016. The police say that they found no conclusive evidence was found to suggest that the brick (found at the site) damaged the window: