Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Working Class Movement Library Events

Our film mini-

festival reaches

its finale

Wednesday 1 June 6.30pm
To begin the world over again:
the life of Thomas Paine 
Today there is the Occupy movement, back then
there was Thomas Paine...
This film of Ian Ruskin’s one-man play addresses
a multitude of contemporary issues that challenge
us today. Thomas Paine was a man who changed
the face of the world through his writings. Common
Sense inspired the American Revolution, Rights of
Man defined the French Revolution, and The Age of
Reason called on us to use our ability to reason as
the basis for our beliefs and morality. This telling of
the story of Paine, ‘a man who changed the world
with his pen’, also inspires us to always speak the
truth as one sees it, no matter the consequences’.

Free screening - with popcorn...

Talkin' 'Bout That Representation
In 1969 the Representation of the People Act,
which allowed people aged 18, 19 and 20 to
vote in elections, was passed. During the 2014
Scottish Referendum 16 year olds were allowed
to vote for the first time.
The People’s History Museum and the Working
Class Movement Library want to bring together
the youth of the 1960s and today’s young people
to discuss all matters relating to the right to vote
and youth culture. We’re holding a joint event on
Friday 3 June at 2pm at the Library, as part of the
Manchester Histories Festival.

To book a ticket for the event visit

Manchester Histories Festival 3-12 June 2016
Ten days  of  events  celebrating  the  familiar  and 
revealing  the  new and hidden  histories  and 
heritage  from  across  Greater  Manchester. 
Whether people  would  describe  themselves 
as  histories  fans  or  not, MHF2016 
will have something for everyone.

Fishing in the

The Library's second musical fundraising
concert takes place on Sunday 5 June from
2-4pm in Peel Hall, University of Salford, in
conjunction with the University, and features
Will Kaufman, performing and talking about
some of his Woody Guthrie songs, and John
Conolly performing and talking about  his
own songs about life and work in the east
coast fishing industry. This event is also part
of the Manchester Histories Festival
and as such we are promised a couple o
f Ewan MacColl’s songs as well...

Tickets at £10 (£8 concessions) are now

on sale from the University
online shop at -
or you can pay on the door.

Conscientious objector exhibition and a repeat performance of 'No Power on Earth'There is an exhibition at the Friends Meeting
House in Manchester marking the centenary
of the introduction of conscription in 1916. 
Conscience and War tells the untold stories
of Manchester Quakers who resisted WW1 and
runs until Sunday 12 June, 9am-9pm Mondays
to Fridays and 9am-5pm Saturdays. It features
a textile installation by Sonja Andrew.
On Sunday 12 June a closing event will feature,
at 1pm, a Living History performance,
No Power on Earth, originally commissioned
by the Library and again featuring Joel Parry
as Salford conscientious objector James
Hudson.  Admission free.Friends Meeting House,
Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS.

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