Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Lesbians Lame Lad & Then Kill Him!

TODAY's Daily Mirror reports:
'A Twisted mum and her lesbian lover have been found guilty of murdering their two-year-old boy.'
Rachel Trelfa, 31, and Nyomi Fee, 29, beat Liam Fee and broke his leg, then murdered him. 
Two other lads were put into a cage and tied up in a room with snakes and rats.
The murdered toggle, Liam Fee, who lived with the two degenerates women in Glenrothes, Fife, died in March 2014 after having been hit so hard that his heart ruptured.  On examination he was found to have 30 injuries, including a broken leg and arm.
The defendant pair, originally from Tyne and Wear, had claimed another youngster had strangle Liam to death.  To support this claim they had put the lad's hand in the victim's mouth so that traces of his DNA would be found by the police.
Liam's father, Joseph Johnson was in tears yesterday after the verdict.  It seems that, according to Fee, Liam's birth had been secretly planned be Fee and Trefla while they were having an affair.  Fee said Trefla deceived Liam's father Joseph when she became pregnant by him.   When he discovered her treachery the two lesbians left Gateshead for Scotland with the young lad in August 2011.  Nyomi Fee told the Court:
'We started our affair in 2010.  It was our intention for Rachel to get pregnant with Liam and us to be a family.   Once she was pregnant we were going to move to Scotland.'
It seems Liam was only months old when the abuse began.  An expert found he eventually suffered heart injures similar to those of road-crash victims.
Among the umpteen external injuries on the lad's body there was bruising to his private parts and fractures to his upper arm and thigh.
On the day of her son's death, Trelfa spent time at a riding stables looking after her horse before going home for drinks and a meal with Fee.
The case had to be decided as a matter of joint enterprise, and it did not matter which of the two women struck the fatal blow, because they had a common criminal purpose.
They then tried to shift the blame on to a lad of only primary school age, claiming he had been acting in a sexualised way towards Liam.
In the end it was the evidence of this lad and another boy that helped to undermine the lesbian's lies.
Today, the Daily Mirror in an editorial writes:
'... the police, and health and social workers, all have questions to answer about how clues were missed, to learn lessons for the future and save other children from the inhuman clutches of another Rachel and Nyomi Fees.'
The other question that occurs to us at Northern Voices is that we are continually inundated by activists in the GLBTIQ* (etc) movement about the rights of these minorities and there is a ongoing lobby called STONEWALL, led by the distinguished northern actor, Ian McKellen, from Bolton, who I once appear alongside in a bit part in the film 'Scandal'.  Might it be that the agencies and social services in Scotland didn't follow through as they might when they were reports about Liam, because of a belief that they may have been accused of bias against lesbians?

*  GLBTIQ stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (Australia)

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