Monday, 20 June 2016

Editor Adam Barr replies to Freedom's Critics!

Freedom Editor - Adam Lawrence Barr

Dear Brian (Bamford: an editor of Northern Voices),

Not that modest really (your Our Friends in the North program).  Just FYI the we've just raised the money for a website redesign and we should be receiving sketches and quotes today or tomorrow. What you are suggesting is pretty unanarchist, an attempt to steal away the means of production from the workers using it by a bunch of old irrelevant white men.  Judging by the content you put out on Northern Voices it seems your pretty out of touch with actual anarchist politics today.  I would direct you to the work done by Corporate Watch or Haven Books, or the Advisory Service for Squatters or any of the other groups who use the building to put further anarchist politics but I'm sure you wouldn't really care. I'd have been quite happy to discuss the problems with the website at the last London anarchist bookfair (which i believe you attended) but you didn't seem too interested on that occasion. I have to thank you for your donation for one of the freesheets we were distributing though! We got rid of all 1000 copies over the course of a month you'll be happy to hear.

Adam (Barr):  the latest editor of Freedom.

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