Thursday, 30 June 2016

Labour MPs Out of Touch

Les May
LAST Friday the country woke up to find that it had voted to leave the EU and the two main cheer leaders for Brexit, Johnson and Gove, woke up to find the David Cameron was not going to be the fall guy and be the one to initiate the process of actually leaving after all.

Today a majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party decided to press the self destruct button and now expect Corbyn to save their bacon by 'doing the decent thing' and quietly stepping aside.

They are gambling on him not only resigning but also his name not being on the ballot paper for the new leader.  If it is they run the risk of him being re-elected by the same people who voted for him last time.  Even if he secured a smaller majority it would be enough to demonstrate to the country that Labour's MPs are out of touch with the party's members.

It appears the aphorism 'turkeys don't vote for Christmas' is wrong.

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