Friday, 10 June 2016

David's Claim for Freedom

BUT Freedom does publish - why would your opinion on how good it is have any relevance? Critics have been shouting about how terrible Freedom is since the early 20th century, if it had sold up every time that happened there would not even be a Freedom Press for you to moan about. As for your viewpoint on what Freedom is "supposed" to be for, if you think that putting multiple publishers out of business, including Freedom itself, for the sake of mounting a startup you personally approve of should be the aim then you are no longer talking about supporting or defending anarchism, but of indulging a vanity project.

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bammy said...

DAVID, it is not my opinion that matters! The fact is that members the Friends of Freedom who have the duty to see that a proper journal is published have told me that they regard what's of offer as less than appropriate. It has been said that the laughing policeman and others on the Collective regard the latest offering as 'marvelous', but the Friends are not impressed. The thing is that anarchists such as yourselves, are now being described by people who have some historical knowledge of Freedom, as 'reactionary'. Why are you reactionary? Because, like the rest of the British left, you are simply reacting to the regime/ government/ establishment/ bosses etc. You do not have a serious strategy, and in that respect you are not alone in this country. The reason the Spanish movement was able to take on the Fascists in Catalonia and Spain was that they had a strategy: they were able to mount a campaign when the north Europeans; the Germans and Austrians despite their disciplined 'marching together' failed. We have knowledge of money being 'squandered' at Freedom and a pensioner paying money to the Collective and a level of corruption that if it occurred in a capitalist organization would be a subject to a study by Corporate Watch. With the greatest respect all I can say is to watch this space!