Thursday, 30 June 2016

UK Political Class in Turmoil!

JEREMY Corbyn Twitted 2-hours ago:
'I completely condemn abuse of MPs of any kind. No abuse is carried out in my name. There is no place for this in society or in our politics.'
WHAT Jeremy Corbyn senses here is that the whole of the UK political class is now in turmoil including himself.  Yesterday, the New York Times ran an editorial entitled 'THE HOLLOW PROMISES OF BREXIT' in which the editor concluded by reviewing what Boris Johnson is now writing in a recent column in The Telegraph:
'The backtracking by Mr. Johnson and his allies has exposed the venality and cynicism of their campaign - unfortunately for Britain, far too late.'
Politicians never were held in very high esteem in England, now the backlash promises to be substantial not just against the Poles and other immigrants, but also the against whole of the political class perhaps with the exception of the SNP.

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