Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Councillor Shefali Ahmed joins Tories

Councillor Ashley Dearnley and Councillor Shefali Ahmed
Councillor Ashley Dearnley and Councillor Shefali Ahmed

Councillor Shefali Ahmed above  has kindly contacted Northern Voices, to bring us
up-to-date with the current make up of the Rochdale Council.  The report
below given to the website Rochdale Online is self explanatory:

MY decision came after taking a number of key factors into consideration:
'Firstly, I truly believe that the party nationally and locally are trying to implement policies and legislation which will give people a better quality of life. Furthermore they have provided opportunities for a better education for our young people, as well as having a long-term plan and structure in place for a better economy.

'I believe to implement an effective, positive and constructive change in Rochdale, we need to elect the right individuals on to the council, people who are passionate about the borough and its constituents. We need elected members [councillors], who prioritise the needs and wellbeing of the people, as well as bringing with them a wealth of skills, experience and ideas.

'Our Conservative group leader, Councillor Ashley Dearnley is a very fair, hardworking and passionate person, who has been a councillor for 32 years in the borough and the group leader for 20 years. He has also held many executive positions on the Council, as well as being the Mayor of the Borough of Rochdale.  I feel privileged to be a member of his group under such a great leader.'

Councillor Ahmed was previously a member of the Labour Party before leaving the party in 2014 with husband Farooq Ahmed. She then formed her own party with her husband, Rochdale First.

Councillor Ashley Dearnley, Conservative Group Leader said:
'Me and the group on the council are delighted to welcome Councillor Shefali Farooq Ahmed as a member of the Conservative Group.

'Shefali has been a hardworking member of the council for a number of years, always putting the interests of the Borough and her constituents first. She is a first-class councillor and will be a real asset to the group and party.'

Northern Voices' Note: 
What is not explained in the account above is what will now happen with the Rochdale First Party Shefali formed with her husband in 2014. 

For more go to rochdaleonline org.

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