Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Death of Bill Hunter. Obituary by Martin Ralph.

"This is a message to the many comrades and friends who knew Bill Hunter. 

The heart of a great fighter stopped on 9 July 2015, he was 95 years old. He had a fall early in the morning and was taken to hospital. They diagnosed a brain haemorrhage which had caused him to go into a coma from which he never recovered.

He had recently moved into care accommodation, leaving the flat he had lived in since coming back from Argentina in the early 1990s.
Our feelings go to his family Ritchie and Sue and David and his extended family of grand and great-grand daughters and sons.

We will send further comments over the weekend but Margaret and I wanted to send this message to as many comrades and friends that we can.  Please pass this message on to anyone who knew Bill that we might have missed.

We salute the long life of a great Marxist and Trotskyist, who joined the movement before Trotsky was killed on Stalin's order.

When Bill was 90 years old he very much wanted to mark the occasion in celebration of his life as a Trotskyist. Even as his memory faded, his deep conviction for the struggle, his humour, his spirit and his faith in the working class never wavered.

Bill was a great writer, speaker, propagandist and agitator and our memories of the many battles that he waged, that we know about, come flooding back at this moment.

We know our embrace and salute of this comrade only has meaning if we continue the fight he gave  his entire life to, that is the struggle for working class power and international socialism. And of course he will continue to live inside our struggles and us."

Long live the struggle for socialism
Long live the International Workers league

Margaret and Martin 

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