Thursday, 30 July 2015

Local Elections in Manchester

Dear Editor,

I have started a petition to Parliament calling for all councillors to be elected at the same time, every time in ALL local elections.  If successful this would effect the local elections in every Greater Manchester borough.

This national Tory Government may or may not be thrown out at the next General Election. People can chose whether to keep the same party in power or to elect a different one - and that is how it should be!

The same thing does not happen with local councils across the region. Only one third of the councillors are elected each year, which means that people cannot simply elect another party to power - and that is wrong!

All-out local elections will encourage all-out campaigning and all the parties will have to campaign for every single vote - just as in national elections. There is always the danger in a properly functioning democracy of not having the right result in an election, but that is how it should be. No political party has any right to power. It is up to the party to convince the people to give it power through strong arguments and not through manipulating an out of date system!

The result must cease to be the foregone conclusion which it currently is, otherwise we will just continue to have the one-party state which, at present, exists in many local authorities - and a large dis-illusioned, non-participating, unengaged electorate which believes that voting is a waste of time, nothing ever changes and that politicians never listen!

Click this link to find out more & to sign the petition:
The vote should always have power to change politics. If the vote cannot do this, then it is worthless!

Kind regards
Carl Simmons
4 Castleton Court
Haughton Green
M34 7NX
Mobile: 07799730708

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