Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Voting Only Encourages Them!

IN April, Len McCluskey the General Secretary of Unite threatened to stop paying millions to the Labour Party, if Ed Miliband didn't buck his ideas up. 

In May, it was reported that Len McCluskey and his union Unite had handed Labour its biggest donation since Ed Miliband came to power.   It was said that the  Labour Party had had £1.8million from Unite, the union he leads.  Many of the Unite union members resent this financing of a political party.

Today the Unite union has issued a simpering call for members of the union to resister to vote and to exercise their vote:  'Next May we will choose a new government. We can rid our people of a government that has done so much to destroy the social fabric of our nation.  But if you’re not registered you can’t vote and if you don’t vote you don’t have a voice.'

The Unite plea continues:
'In 2010 only 65% of the electorate voted - but non-voters are those who suffered the most from brutal austerity policies....  Some six million UK people are eligible to vote but are not registered and this figure could increase because the law is changing.'

Then it rams the message home by saying: 
'If you don’t do politics, politics will do you'

What the union Unite neglects to note is the corrupting effect that its own involvement in party politics is having on both its officers and on its members.  It gives it members the false belief that voting will usher in change in peoples lives, it encourages people to trust in politicians.  To hand over power to the wheelers and dealers down in Westminster.  That is a corrupting vision promoted by a trade union which encourages people up North to leave things to the politicians down South.

The union bosses then go on to look for Knighthoods and other honours from the establishment under a Labour administeration.

I have never voted in my life, and I do not intend to encourage the party politicians by starting to vote for them now. 

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