Monday, 21 July 2014

Labour Party to Act on Blacklisting!

THE Labour Party national policy forum held in Milton Keynes last weekend decided issues on to appear in the General Election manifesto and the following wording was agreed on blacklisting:

'If the current Government will not launch a full inquiry into the disgraceful practice of blacklisting in the construction industry the next Labour Government will.  This inquiry will be transparent and public to ensure the truth is set out.'
This commitment comes only days after David Cameron flatly refused a blacklisting inquiry. Vince Cable at BIS has repeatedly turned down calls for a public inquiry

Blacklist Support Group issued the following statement:
'The Labour Party pledge to hold a "transparent and public" inquiry into blacklisting should be applauded by everyone fighting for justice on this human rights conspiracy.
We have been calling for this for many years - Fair play to them.
A big thank you to all those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen. 
'The Blacklist Support Group will continue to push for the broadest possible public inquiry to ensure the truth about the entire sordid conspiracy is uncovered. There is documentary proof of police and security services collusion with the Consulting Association and lawyers for the the UK government have recently admitted that blacklisting was a breach of our human rights. Blacklisting of trade unionists is no longer an industrial relations issue: it is a major human rights conspiracy between multinational corporations and the state against trade unions.  We look forward to the day when directors of multinational corporations and senior undercover police officers are publicly forced to justify their illegal covert actions while giving evidence under oath. 
We won't be cracking open the champagne just yet, we will continue to apply pressure by our extra-parliamentary campaigning but this commitment to a public inquiry is a significant step forward and a vindication of our ongoing fight for justice.'
The Labour Party policy forum also made commitments to release the suppressed government papers relating to the Shrewsbury Pickets plus on false self-employment and asbestos. See link from UCATT website for more info:

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