Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Justice Delayed for Victims in Abuse Cases

THE solicitor, Allan Collins, acting for some of the victims in their litigation against Rochdale council and its duty of care to them is 'anxious' about the prospect of delay brought about by periodic changes to the procedures and systems of investigations by the police and other agencies:  the latest being the institution of an overarching enquiry by the Home Secretary last week.  Many of these seemingly restless changes have been brought about by the agitations of politicians like Simon Danczuk MP for Rochdale.   

Following the decision of the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to bring in an overarching enquiry the Q.C. led investigation by the Neil Garland on behalf of Rochdale council has been closed down thus preventing the revelation of its findings later this month.  It is now reported that the police have questioned 14 former Knowl View staff and students under caution.  Knowl View residential special school, which was closed in 1994, four lads claim they were abused while at the school. Separately five former inmates at Cambridge House have been interviewed, but not under a caution.   

The Rochdale Alternative Paper (RAP) reported in May 1979, that several teenage lads at Cambridge House were subjected to physical abuse and inappropriate behaviour by Cyril Smith in the 1960s.  These claims were supported by statements signed by the accusers before a solicitor.   

It is troubling that the political furore over how to do the investigations, ironically led by Mr. Simon Danczuk among others, is apparently now holding up attempts to uncover the facts.  In these circumstance it is hard to believe that some politicians are not using the victims of child abuse to further their own careers.  

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