Friday, 4 July 2014

Blacklister's Attempt to Escape Jail!

'This is a piss take masquerading as a publicity stunt,' says the Blacklist Support Group.
FOUR grand for ruining families with decades of human rights abuse - these wretches make me want to puke.
The only reason the firms are opening this scheme today is to deflect publicity away from the High Court trial next Thursday 10th July.
Coulson could face 2 years in jail to day for phone hacking today
Celebrities were given a full public inquiry and paid up to £300,000 for someone listening to tittle tattle on their phones.
But working class men and women who fought for safety on building sites get this insulting PR stunt.
The PR stunt is designed to keep them out of court and hide their dirty secrets
The PR stunt makes no admission of guilt or apology
The PR stunt does nothing to offered blacklisted workers jobs to provide for their families
The PR stunt offers a couple of grand - they can shve it up their profit margin
Own Up! Clean Up! Pay Up!
Will any politician defend these human rights abusing companies?
Blacklisted workers demand a full public inquiry now - Will any political party put that in their election manifesto?"
Dave Smith
Secretary Blacklist Support Group

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