Friday, 18 July 2014

Is Rochdale Observer Danczuk's Mouthpiece?

RECYCLING more old news tomorrow's Rochdale Observer regurgitates more muck on Cyril Smith from retired Detective Sergeant Jack Tasker.  This stuff can be found in Simon Danczuk's book between pages 215 and 221.  Tasker, now 82,  is still good for a quote and the  Rochdale Observer journalist Chris Jones tells us 'Mr. Tasker... he believed Smith would have buckled in court and been found guilty of child abuse had his enquiry been allowed to go ahead.'   

Then discrepancies start to appear when Tasker says:
'We'd brought Smith in for questioning and I'd say no more than two or three weeks later we turned up at the office and two officers from headquarters were there demanding every scrap of evidence we had.  They took the files away and told us to keep quite about it.'   

In the book by Danczuk D.S. Tasker says:
'I got the impression that if it went to trial he (Cyril) would crack.'   

But then Danczuk's book, Danczuk writes: 
'It was Thursday evening...  But by Monday he'd (Smith) given them the slip again.'   

In the first account it is 'two to three weeks', and then in Danczuk's book it's only four days after talking to Smith.   

There is a problem here with the Rochdale Observer's treatment of Simon Danczuk M.P. now in that it is treating him with just the same uncritical deference as the previous regime of Rochdale Observer editors sucked-up to Cyril Smith M.P. in the last century.   Or perhaps it's just lazy journalism?  

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