Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Unite Drops Disciplinary Against N.V. Editor

EARLIER this month, after it was pointed out that Unite the Union had breached its own rules in its disciplinary procedures, the union decided that it 'would be inappropriate for us to continue with the Rule 27 Disciplinary, as natural justice would be very difficult under these circumstances'.  Last April, an editor of Northern Voices, Brian Bamford, who is also a Unite branch secretary, had been confronted with a complaint alleging he was 'bringing injury to or discredit upon the Union' and some of its members, by Unite's Chairman of the North West Local Authority Regional Industrial Sector Committee, Bro. Sidney Graves.  This related to a post on this Northern Voices' Blog posted in March this year, and entitled 'Unite Committee Bin's Blacklist Motion'.
Unite has apologized for its procedural 'error', and this matter is now closed.

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Jason said...

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