Tuesday, 1 September 2015

David Hoffman's view of Andy Meinke

David Hoffman said...
More of the same old Meinke wind. Nobody protests louder than someone who knows he's screwed up.

I've never had, asked for, wanted or been offered any protection by AFA, Red Action or any other group. But I've often been threatened and harassed by them, as have many friends and colleagues. My close protection, rarely needed, has been by professionals. Mostly it's tradecraft that keeps us safe, not the unwanted attention of a bunch of untrained fantasist goons.

And if Freedom had felt that they had a moral case for freebies they would just have asked me for the photos (which had my name and phone number as well as a copyright notice on the back).

Instead they took advantage of a guy with serious drink problems to steal the prints, then published them without even a credit, lied about the whole affair from start to finish and organised a character assassination spree against me to divert attention from their theft of my work, their wrecking the paper, their waste of Freedom's money and the total incompetence of the whole sad bunch of armchair anarchists.

The building's worth a million or two. I just wish they'd get off their arses, sell it, buy a place somewhere more politically fertile and get on with some real street politics.

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