Monday, 7 September 2015

Blacklist Support Group target Carillion in Liverpool!

We are publishing below a recent briefing from the Blacklist Support Group (BSG):

1." Blacklist Support Group direct action against Carillion at Royal Liverpool Hospital. 
Why are the blacklisting wretches still being awarded public contracts? Local authorities and governments passing supportive resolutions is very welcome but the fine words need to be put into action. The blacklist firms need to be denied public funds until they start employing those on the blacklist and apologise for their actions.  
BBC TV news report (starts at 11:25):  - Lee Fowler representing 

Roy Bentham - Blacklist Support Group commented after the protest:
"The fight against the companies in blacklisting is one we'll win in due course. Yesterday's actions in Liverpool and the subsequent press releases screamed that. The battle between right and wrong is clear. The British legal system needs to take it's path and the biggest victory for the movement in decades will be ours. My overriding message is one of hope. One that other sectors of the movement can draw strength from both nationally and indeed internationally"

Great work by the Merseyside comrades and tremendous solidarity from other construction workers who traveled from Teeside, Wales & London to support.  

2. Labour Leadership contenders come out in support of blacklisting campaign
Andy Burnham on BBC Radio Merseyside talking about the Royal Liverpool Hospital action (starts at 1:13):
Jeremy Corbyn endorses 'Blacklisted' book (photo attached)

3. Pitchford inquiry into undercover policing 
The Blacklist Support Group is applying for 'core participant' status in the Pitchford Inquiry, the submission is being presnted by Imran Khan and Partners solicitors, who are also representing Doreen Lawrence. The deadline for applications is Friday 18th September and the decisions as to which individuals or organisations have been successful is expected to be announced at the first public hearing on Wed 7th October in Royal Courts of Justice.

A committee at Holyrood has started the ball rolling in what could end up as a Scottish inquiry into the role of police spying. The Pitchford inquiry into undercover policing set up by Teresa may only covers England and Wales.  

4. Last week:
Mickey Guyll, Steve Kelly, Graeme Boxall were representing in Chelmsford where Robert Peston, Nick Robinson and Ceri Thomas were all given the truth about blacklisting and all took a copy of 'Blacklisted' book. 
Justice conference in Manchester organised by GMB supported the blacklisting campaign and the fight against undercover police surveillance on trade unions and social justice activists. Helen Steel and Dave Smith representing.  

5. Dates for the diary:
Thursday 10th Sept (7:30pm) - Croydon TUC at Ruskin House - 'Blacklisted' book event with Dave Smith
Tues 15th - SPYCOPS TUC fringe event organised by the FBU (flyer attached) - Matt Wrack, John McDonnell, Helen Steel, Shamik Dutta, Dave Smith 
Wed 16th - TUC Blacklisted book signing at Bookmarks stall (lunchtime) - Phil Chamberlain & Dave Smith
Thurs 17th - University of Liverpool conference: Policing & Democracy in the 21st Century 

6. Banksy's Dismaland 
The epic art installation by Banksy has been all over the news and our very own Blacklist Support Group Artist in Residence has been part of the action, as have our iconic hard hats, umbrella & t-shirts. 'Blacklisted' book has been on sale when you Exit Through the Gift Shop  (couple of pix attached) - get down there if you get the chance. 
7. Wikipedia 
Below is the Wikipedia page for The Consulting Association. If anyone has got some spare time and the know how, it would be nice to pad this out a bit more with additional info. Plus some of the blacklisting firms have deleted any mention of their involvement in the scandal from their own wiki pages - so adding the truth on their pages might also be useful.

8. Families Against Blacklisting
The inspirational Joanne Fowler has set up Families Against Blacklisting as a support network for partners & family members of those caught up in the blacklisting scandal. Show some solidarity by joining the facebook page. Or even inviting Jo to speak at your meetings. 

9. Blacklist Support Group send messages of solidarity to the numerous union representatives who are currently fighting victimisation in what seems like a wave of management attacks on union organisation, including Sotheby's Two (UVW), Candy Udwin (PCS), John Vasey (CWU), Max Watson (UNISON), Alan Brown (UNITE). Stay strong sisters & brothers. "

Blacklist Support Group

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