Friday, 11 September 2015

George Osborne on Labour Leadership

IN a question and answer session with the editor of the New Statesman, Jason Cowey, George Osborne said:
'There’s no doubt that Liz Kendall’s ideas would have caused us the greatest problems . . . Some of the arguments Tristram Hunt makes, or Chuka Umunna – those ideas are clearly the ones that would most challenge the Conservative Party, because they attempt to occupy the centre of politics.' 

Well, he would wouldn't he!  An uncontested run for Kendall or a three way contest between Kendall, Hunt and Umunna would have been the sign that Labour had accepted the new consensus which has formed around the politics of the Tories under Cameron and of Labour under the Blairites.  From now on debate would focus on a supposed 'centre ground' which in reality had dramatically shifted to the right in the 1980s under Thatcher.  Labour would have admitted it had ceased to be a party which believed in Social Democracy.  The question 'Has the Labour party outlived its usefulness?' would have been answered with a resounding 'yes'

Should we be surprised if Corbyn seems to be the unions' favoured candidate.  Who do you think would give the Tories the toughest opposition when the Trades Union Bill comes up for debate, Liz Kendall or Jeremy Corbyn? 

Whether Corbyn wins the Labour leadership election or not his campaign has dramatically widened the nature of the debate about what Labour stands for.  As I have said previously I think Corbyn is too old to lead Labour into an election in 2020.  We shall have to wait and see if there are any younger MPs who will follow Corbyn's lead.  

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Mark Hollinrake. said...

I agree that the Tories will be opposed much better under Corbyn than any of the others. I disagree re JC being too old to become prime minister in 2020. He has got a lot of energy and he very sharp in his mind. And yes under him I do believe we shall see a Labour government.