Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Police pay compensation to victims of undercover policing operations!

We are publishing below a recent briefing from the Blacklist Support Group:

"1. Recent press coverage from High Court etc....

2. Crocodile Tears Tour 
The GMB union are targeting the senior managers named in parliament as the "main contacts" at the blacklisting companies. This is a tour around every part of the UK - please check to see when they visit your area. Everyone is welcome to attend - bring your banners and t-shirts - Any blacklisted workers in attendance can virtually guarantee to make the local media. 

This week (all protests start at 11am) :

Tues 28th October 
Paul McCreath, 
HR Director, 
Kier Group: 
Tempsford Hall, 
SG19 2BD
Tues 28th October 
Kathy Almansoor, 
Group Employee Relations Manager, 
Kier Group: 
Tempsford Hall, 
Glasgow 29th October 
Gerry Harvey, 
HR Development Director at Balfour Beatty Engineering Services: 
Lumina Building, 
40 Ainslie Road, 
Hillngton Park, 
Aberdeen 30th October 
Kevin Gorman, 
Vice President HR, 
Harland Group: 
Ocean Spirit House, 
33 Waterloo Quay, 
Aberdeen AB11 5BS.

Dundee City Council 
5:30pm Monday 27th October 
Demo is against the decision taken to make blacklisting firm BAM the preferred bidder for the V&A project. This campaign has been led by Francie Graham and Stuert Merchant, 2 retired blacklisted electricians from Dundee. 
4. 'Boys on the Blacklist' pamphlet out now
Many workers complained and campaigned against blacklisting for decades but it was the dispute at Manchester Royal Infirmary that finally lifted the lid on the Consulting Association. A new pamphlet by Tameside TUC tells the story of how the blacklist was uncovered.    

5. Construction national rank & file meeting
1-4pm 15th November 2014
Newcastle Labour Club

6. Police finally admit and compensate for undercover spying on activists

Events about undercover police spying on activists: 

7. North Sea safety 
After all the pleas and hand wringing about helicopter safety in the North Sea - the powers that be decide there is no need for a public inquiry. 

8. Umbrella companies exposed by Daily Mirror 

9. Theatre
United We Stand - play about the Shrewsbury Pickets on tour now: http://www.townsendproductions.org.uk/productions/united-we-stand
Mark Thomas award winning show Cuckooed about corporate spying on tour now: http://www.markthomasinfo.co.uk/section_gigs/ 

Spread the word and keep the faith 

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