Friday, 24 October 2014

Karen's Full Frontal Feminism Derided

KAREN Danczuk's brave proclamation of full-frontal feminism, has now been challenged by the old-fashioned Socialist from Whitworth, the Hon. Alderman Eileen Kershaw.  Hon. Alderman Kershaw has written a letter in tomorrow's Rochdale Observer entitled 'Karen is insult to great socialist women':
'So you want to know what other women feel about Karen Danczuk's behaviour, particularly in view of the fact that she has sought office in the town (Rochdale) as an elected representative on the borough council, a position which has always commanded and generally earned respect from the electorate, those people who voted for someone they thought had thorough decent values and motives whose main objective was to unfailingly serve, represent and respect the needs of the ordinary citizen of the borough.'   
Alderman Kershaw writes that socialist women in the past 'were assertive, sometimes bossy and occasionally hard to please...' but '[t]here was always a strict code of dress and behaviour...'.    She then writes:  'They must be now turning in their graves at the antics of Karen Danczuk.'   The Alderman then lists some of her local heroines - 'Annie Taylor, Bertha Radcliffe, Clara Gordon, May Kaufman Alice Chorlton, Florence Allcroft and Evelyn Thornton.'   
So speaks Hon, Alderman Eileen Kershaw, who describes herself as 'a tyrant', commenting on Labour Councillor Karen Danczuk's full frontal feminism in presenting her deep cleavage in photos on the Internet.    
The good Alderman goes further arguing:
'Pack it in Karen. She is a disgrace and a permanent insult to all those intelligent women who may be long gone but also who will never be forgotten' and advising Karen 'don't ever stand for election again.'   
And yet, if we go back before the straight-laced worthy women-folk mentioned above, there was an aristocratic brand of women in the romantic movement that are now seen as forerunners to the modern feminists that had more of a free spirit like Karen. One only has to think of an earlier generation feminists: the likes of Mary Shelly and the poet Shelly and Byron, and the pre-Raphaelite women. 


Miriam. said...

I read your blog and wondered if you had a copy of Hon Alderman Eileen Kershaw's full letter?

Editor said...

In response to this comment, we have published Hon Alderman Eileen Kershaw's full letter on a post on the 31st, Oct. 2014.