Friday, 31 October 2014

Karen Danczuk told to 'Pack it in'!

In a comment on the post below entitled 'Karen's Full Frontal Feminism Derided', Miriam asked to see the copy 'of Hon Alderman Eileen Kershaw's full letter' in last Saturday's Rochdale Observer:

Dear Editor,

'SO, you want to know what other women feel about Karen Danczuk's behaviour, particularly in view of the fact that she has sought office in the town as an elected representative on the borough council, a position which has always commanded and generally earned respect from the electorate, those people who voted for someone they thought had thorough decent values and motives whose main objective was to unfailingly serve, represent and respect the needs of the ordinary citizen... 

'They were to be the leaders of the community, impeccable in their conduct and an example to all at times in the way they behaved.

'They were judged to be a “cut above the rest” because of their commitment to serving the town and its people for very little reward except earning the title of “councilor”, which once upon a time carried a great deal of weight and prestige. 

'Not any more it seems. 

'Do and sat what you like under your civic cloak.  Make a mockery of the values that the early pioneers of social endeavour and justice stood for. 

'I think of the wonderful socialist women who taught me the values of loyalty and hard work in the early sixties. 

'Women who turned up religously night after night to work and encourage yound people like myself, then in my twenties, who they belived had an inherent right to discuss and make decisions alongside their male colleagues, who were in those days so much a majority in the council chamber. 

'They campaigned for nursery education, better working conditions in the mills and workshops, equal pay and equal rights for all, good quality housing, particularly after the war and the right for all to have a vote. 

'I've stood on the market with them in, on one occasion, 3-foot of snow collecting signatures for more nursery provision in order that working mums may go out to work with peace of mind. 

'They were proud, thoroughly  respectable working women who sought no personal reward.   They simply worked solidly for the community without feeling the need to expose their anatomy or demean themselves for any reason or in anyway. 

'They were always smart, some of them very attractive, without it detracting from their behaviour, which was always refined, genteel and articulate. 

'They were generally  assertive, sometimes bossy and occasionally hard to please... 

'Manners were impeccable.  There was a strict code of dress and behaviour when canvassing. 

'Having been brought up the hard way by women of this calibre is it any wonder that I'm known to be a tyrant with regard to to dealing properly with Joe Public. 

'It's got me through 50 years  of public service,and to thank for it I have people people who are now only memories, like Annie Taylor, Bertha Radcliffe, Clara Gordon, May Kaufman, Alice Cholton, Florence Allcroft and Evelyn Thorton. 

'They must now be turning in their graves at the antics of Karen Danczu. 

'Pack it in, Karen.  She is a disgrace and a permanent insult to all those intelligent women, industrious women who may be long gone but also who will never be forgotten. 

'This town can then get back to its orgins of respectability and pioneering work for the sake of all who really care. 

'Just don't stand for election again.  The people deserve better.' 

Hon. Alderman Eileen Kershaw.

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Excellent Letter which has only spoken the truth