Monday, 4 November 2013

Scruffy Workmen in Hoodies Wreak Havoc in Lovely Hampshire Village : Bosses say: 'Industrial Strife, NOT IN MY BACKYARD!'

IS NO WHERE safe these days from those hordes of the uncouth horny-handed labourers. The miners can knock shit out of each other in our Northern towns and at Olgreave or up North in Sunderland, but now these people are invading the land of the southern swine at Lymington Town Sailing Club, or Limewood Hotel in the New Forest, or Highclere Castle in Hampshire where Downton Abbey was filmed, damn-it, this is all too much for the likes of southerners such as journalist Dominic Lawson, the brother of Nigella, in yesterday's Sunday Times, David Cameron in Parliament this week, and editor Paul Dacre's Daily Mail. These grimy-faced tribes of northern working-men have been descending on the doorsteps of managing directors and frightening the horses. It seems that this Leverage campaign by the Unite union is having a significant effect , because according to Dominic Lawson in yesterday's Sunday Times: 'that last week a manager at Grangemouth petrochemical facility in Stirlingshire – which had been besieged by the union's activists. It was during the school holidays and the director was telephoned by his wife to be told that a “mob” had appeared on their doorstep. Children in the street had apparently also been co-opted by this band of brothers “to portray me as someone evil... it had quite an impact on my kids. It is hard to find words for the lunacy of their behaviour.' Another director from the same firm Ineos has described his plight to the Daily Mail [31st, Oct. 2013} thus: 'They have send [sic] flying squads of protesters to dozens of businesses we have links with. The[y] put leaflets through the door of pretty much every house in Lyndhurst where we have our headquarters. My daughter received a poster explaining what a terrible person I am.' 'Lunacy' indeed! We know that these folk who run and write in newspapers like the Sunday Times, The Sun, and the Daily Mail, who are themselves incomers in leafy Cotswold places like Chipping Norton and Morton-in-the-Marsh don't want to have their lunches spoiled at their favourite restaurants by gangs of protesters waving banners and even in one case carrying an effigy of a giant rat. We all now know thanks to the widespread publication of the activities of some residents in the Home Counties whereby friends and neighbours of David Cameron such as Rebekah Brooks, former chief executive of News International, and Andy Coulson, former editor of the now defunct News of the World, may dwell in these leafy towns swap horses and shag each other's arses off. In The Diary of a Chambermaid, the French writer Mirabeau puts words in the mouth of Mademoiselle Célestine who draws the conclusion which the reader is also invited to draw: 'However much riffraff are vile, they are never as vile as decent people'.


Bob P said...

Hi Brian, Stop bashing the southerns I was one myself.

bammy said...

It's meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, Bob.

Alec Mc said...

Thanks Brian ,you are so right