Friday, 8 November 2013

News from Blacklist Support Group

1. Blacklist compensation scheme UCATT give an accurate summary of the scheme: Report of BSG meeting about the scheme: 2. Helen Steele - working class hero Sued by McDonalds - Spied on by undercover police - Blacklisted by the construction industry We are proud to have her on our team 3. TUC Day of Action - November 20th Every union in the UK is supporting the TUC Day of Action - contact your local region to see what is planned or about transport to the big events. Direction Action and Official TUC events are taking place in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and other undisclosed addresses across the UK. Blacklist Meeting inside the House of Commons in the afternoon. 4. High Court first ever hearing - November 29th Blacklist Support Group support the Guney Clark & Ryan solicitors legal claim. This will be the first time a blacklisting cases has been heard in the High Court. Expect lots of media coverage.

The current printed issue of NORTHERN VOICES No.14, is now available for sale at all our usual outlets in the North of England and beyond - see below. This issue N.V.14 has a Tameside Eye story about how Tameside has a history of involvement in blacklisting, it also contains an interview by Barry Woodling with George Tapp - the Salford electrician injured in May on an anti-blacklist picket. The Voices has been in the forthfront of the campaign against the blacklist since 2003 and the DAF dispute at Manchester Piccadilly, its editor, an electrician, was on the blacklist of the Economic League in the 1960s, and there was an attempt to blacklist him while he was working in Gibraltar in both 1964 and 1967, but at the time this intervention by the Foreign Office was resisted by the Gibraltarian authorities, and the Gibraltar Transport & General Workers Union.
Postal subscription: £5 for the next two issues (post included). Cheques made payable to 'Northern Voices' should be sent c/o 52, Todmorden Road, Burnley, Lancashire BB10 4AH.
Tel.: 0161 793 5122.

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