Friday, 22 November 2013

N20 Report from Colin Trousdale

IN co-ordinated action BLACKLISTED workers from U.C.A.T.T. and Unite targeted a Robert McAlpine site in Hulme south M/C (where over 200 site operatives were leafleted )and a Laing O'Rourke / Bailey Building Services (N.G.Baileys )site at M/C town hall extension where amongst the 100 or so operatives leafleted were the project manager for Laings & supervision for Baileys , before meeting up at the town hall proper to leaflet staff & the public over 1,000 leaflets were handed out including to the chair of the council , the chief executive of the council and the deputy police commissioner . After a couple of hours protest by 30 BLACKLISTED construction workers and approx. 20 of their supporters from other unions a delegation was invited in to speak to two councillors who gave us assurances and evidence that a motion had been passed by the full council denouncing BLACKLISTING . And that we now had an open door to express our concerns over the use of known BLACKLISTERS on public projects in Manchester , we were asked to give them a couple of days to find out who we should be speaking to at the council to force L.O.R. to allow union officials on site to address & recruit the workforce . RESULT FOR THE RnF /B.S.G. over to the fulltimers (I will forward you the contact details of the two councillors for ACTION ). Oh and we got on the telly .KEEP THE FAITH

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