Friday, 29 November 2013

Knowl View Whistleblower Chased by Law Firm

MARTIN Digan the whistleblower who outed the scandal of sexual abuse against lads at Knowl View in the 1980s and 1990s has been hunted down by a legal firm DWF LLP, who claim that they are acting on behalf of the insurers of Rochdale Council.  This legal firm have asked that a dossier of records relating to Knowl View is returned to the local authority.

Mr Diggan has told the Rochdale Observer that he was shocked to get a letter from the legal firm DWF LLP and said:
'In the first instance I've never admitted to having any documents' and that 'under no circumstances would I give someone that I don't know information about sexual abuse of children.  Rochdale council already have the information that they are asking for - I don't know what game they're playing.'

Since recent revelations of abuse in Rochdale was brought out last year the Manchester law firm Pannone has been contacting some of the alleged victims, and they are looking into how and why the abuse was allowed to happen.  The law firm Pannone, with an office on Deansgate in Manchester, has a team of expert abuse solicitors which specialise in all types of sexual, physical and child abuse claims. 

The documents in the dossier are said to show how young lads were put at risk of Aids through prostitution and relationships with well-known sex offenders, after being taken into Manchester to meet men who would pay to have sex with them.

Why this pursuit of Mr. Digan is happening now is not clear.  In Rochdale, a council spokesperson told tomorrow's Rochdale Observer:
'The council is in discussions with the police on this matter and is therefore unable to comment further.'

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