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Bristol Events

The 'Game of Drones' + 'Unmanned'
Game of Drones: The President and the White House Fly (Handsome Dog Productions, 2013). Investigative poem on topical issue of ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’. Written by Heathcote Williams; Narration and Montage by Alan Cox; produced by Margaret Cox. Screening will be introduced by anti-Drone campaigner John from Bath Activist Network.
Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars.
Director Robert Greenwald’s brand new film documentary premiered 30th October 2013. Mary Dobbing, researcher with Drone Wars UK, will introduce the film and talk about the UK’s use of drones in Afghanistan.
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Why was Charles I executed?
Justice, liberties and popular petitioning in 1648-49


The regicide of 1649 has often been presented by books, articles and TV dons as the result of religious beliefs related to the King's role as a 'Man of Blood', whose own blood must be shed to deliver England from the taint of killing and the fear of God's vengeance. However the evidence suggests a far more sophisticated political response rooted in the concepts of 'Justice and Liberties' displayed in both public and military petitions. 'Justice' signified what we would now call war crimes trials (and not just of the king), while the word 'liberties' was used at the time to describe far-reaching and permanent constitutional reforms. Norah Carlin will present her new research into this fascinating period, when not only the monarchy but the Parliament which had sat for the past eight years were confronted for their crimes.
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Bristol Local History Book Fair

A new initiative from Bristol Record Office bringing together local history publishers and speakers. BRHG will be running a bookstall along with many others.


1.30pm William Fairney: Humphrey Davy
2.30pm Mark Steeds: Wulfstan and Clarkson
3.30pm Lucienne Boyce: The Bristol SuffragettesMore at:
Remembering the Real WWI: Public meeting (#2)
Date: Tuesday 10th December, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Venue: Hydra Bookshop, 34 Old Market St, Bristol, BS2 0EZ
Price: Free
This is the second meeting in Bristol to discuss opposition to David Cameron's 'truly national commemoration' of WW1 stressing our 'national spirit'.
Nationally there are plans to ensure that attention is given to the real causes and effects of the war, rather than an opportunity for our government to re-habilitate this war in particular or war in general. Bristol has long radical traditions and we know there are groups and individuals across the city who will want to ensure that there are events locally remembering the reality of World War 1. We want to facilitate this. We want to encourage the widest possible range and number of events – meetings, music, theatre, film, exhibitions etc. What might be organised (and how) will largely be determined by the individuals and groups who get involved. The involvement of a wide spectrum of people and groups will ensure a greater cross-fertilisation of ideas; events can be publicised more widely; and they can reach a wider audience. So if you are interested in participating please come along to this meeting.

This meeting is jointly organised by Bristol Stop the War Coalition and Bristol Radical History Group.

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