Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Who's a 'F**king Knob'?

SIMON Danczuk doesn't wrap nowt up as they say up North!  Yesterday in the Independent, he said of Harriet Harman's tendency for what called 'double speak':  'if you pardon the language:  "what a f**king Knob".'  He then said that Ms. Harman Labour's deputy leader 'had brought politics into disrepute.'

Some may say that this was a bit of the kettle calling the pan black, given Mr. Danczuk's political demeanour and his wife's even stranger behaviour as a minor celebrity on Twitter, and who knows, perhaps in time on Strictly Come Dancing.  But we must remember that Simon Danczuk is a cookbook politician who has learned his trade in recent times studying Cyril Smith's skills at the political racket.

Hence, when he uses foul language and denounces Ms. Harman he is merely aping Cyril Smith's straight-talking believing that the common man (and woman) in Rochdale and elsewhere likes these kind of rough-arsed frolics with English vocabulary.  After all, he knows better than most, that Cyril not only got away with strong language and course speech for years, but actually rose to some influence on the back of this kind of repartee. 

The trouble, despite the shameful nature of Cyril's conduct in other ways, is that somehow Simon lacks Cyril's charisma and wit.  Cyril was not a great beauty in physical terms, but he had a kind of seductive charm offensive that somehow Simon lacks.  Consequently, Simon Danczuk, who looks a bit like Sancho Panza, has to fall back on his own humble upbringing which he may well in his own mind also use compare with that of Cyril Smith background, to try to boost his appeal to the public.

He may well find that Cyril Smith's political skills are not so easy for him to replicate.

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