Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Councillor Cleavage Comes a Cropper!

WHAT began with a Selfie of Councilor Karen Danczuk, wife of Rochdale Labour MP Simon Danczuk, on Twitter aping Ed Miliband eating a bacon butty almost a year ago, has ended up in a seemingly self-destructive family drama of catastrophic proportions.  In between times, Karen cottoned-on to the idea of posting revealing images of her cleavage for public inspection on Twitter, and in so doing gained 46,000 followers.  Some weeks ago sources close to the Rochdale Labour Party told Northern Voices that Karen had been chastised by Richard Farnell, the Labour Party's Council leader, for among other things failing in her duties as a loyal Labour Party councillor: she had been widely criticised for her laziness as a Councillor for Kingsway, for her conduct at Council meetings such as fiddling around on Twitter, and for recently challenging the local Party decision to oppose Zero Hours Contracts.    

Councillor Danczuk has alleged that someone abused her hundreds of times in the 1990s .  The police arrested a  36-year old man who was bailed to appear on the 30th, April, but did not name him.  Since then Karen's brother, Michael Burke, has identified himself as the man accused, and has vigorously denied his sister's allegations.  Michael told the Daily Mail last week:
'The allegations are false.  This is just another part of the media circus that she has created around herself.  She is trying to make a better story each time.' 

A spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police has said that other family members will be contacted over the allegations, adding:
'The investigation is progressing.  We currently have a brief account of what happened and we are trying to secure a video interview with her (Karen).  She has not committed to anything yet.'

A spokesman for Simon Danczuk MP has since said that Karen has made a full video statement to the Greater Manchester Police about her allegations.



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