Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Postmortem on one of the oldest papers in England

WHAT follows on the next post on this Blog is a postmortem assessment or examination of FREEDOM newspaper by the cultural and arts correspondent for Northern Voices, Christopher Draper.  Mr. Draper has produced a remarkable and insightful autopsy on the corpse of FREEDOM, which at the time of its death last year was one of the oldest political newspapers England, if not the world.  Many distinguished figures wrote in it including Augustus John, George Orwell, Herbert Read, John Arden, Colin Ward, Nicolas Walter, Peter Turner, Bill Christopher, John Hewetson, Geoffrey Ostergaard, Philip Sansom, George Woodcock, and Vernon Richards.  Northern Voices believes Mr. Draper has done us a great service by his investigative research into who killed FREEDOM.  What follows here is merely the first installment of a series of articles uncovering what happened to FREEDOM over the decades of its existence.  We believe this will now be the historic documented record of what happened at Freedom Press.


Anonymous said...

This is a political tragedy and will have serious implications for the future.

Zyzzyzus floridanus said...

Tragi-comedy surely, comrade?