Saturday, 28 March 2015

Select Committee on Compensation Con!

1. Select Committee publishes final damning report into blacklisting
The Scottish Affairs Select Committee have published a final report that is absolutely damning of the construction firms involved in blacklisting and their compensation scheme. BSG wish to put on record once again our genuine appreciation for the tremendous work Ian Davidson and all the other MPs on the committee have carried out on behalf of blacklisted workers over the past 3 years.
2. Public Inquiry - Blacklisting / Undercover police
During the debate in House of Commons about police spying on MPs & activists, Home Office Minister Mike Penning confirmed the whistleblowers would be exempted from Official Secrets Act if they give evidence at #spycops public inquiry. This is a massive step forward and hopefully will spur on Peter Francis and other police whistleblowers to come forward.
3. Crossrail sackings & arrests
Protests on Crossrail have been temporarily suspended to allow a window for negotiations between UNITE and the Skanska- Costain joint venture.
Dave Smith was in Court today. The full trial is set for July 23rd at City of London Magistrates Court.
4. Blacklisted book
5. Blacklist Support Group will be promoting the Blacklisted book at various events throughout the summer including CWU, PCS, FBU, GMB conference.

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