Friday, 26 September 2014

Smears in Rotherham & Rochdale

LABOUR in Rotherham has condemned the remarks of the Ukip candidate, Nathan Garbutt, as an 'unfounded smears'.  Mr Garbutt had accused Labour of protecting 'paedophiles in Rotherham' and of homophobia.

Garbutt in a statement in wrote;
'I have been called homophoic [sic] by the Labour party simply for being part of UKIP, imagine how twisted a mindset has to be to accuse gay man of homophobia? The good news is the public are seeing past Labour lies and I am delighted to be the first UKIP candidate to oppose Yvette Cooper in my home town at next years general election.'

Garbutt also wrote:
'...according to the Sun, senior officials in the Labour Party have been left ‘stunned’ by the recent surge in the popularity of UKIP.The decision to hold our annual gathering in Doncaster is a direct challenge to Ed Miliband on his home turf, and Labour should be worried the public are angry at Labours [sic] protection of paedophiles in Rotherham.'

In Rochdale it is the Labour Party brothers and sisters who issue the smears against each other.  Last weekend, at a trade union meeting another unsupported story was circulated suggesting that the former leader of the Rochdale Council, Colin Lambert, had fallen-out with Jim Dobbin, MP for Heywood and Middleton, shortly before Jim died.  The editor of Northern Voices spoke to Mr Dobbin shortly before his death earlier this month and there was no suggestion that there was any animosity between him and Colin Lambert.  After this story was put out last weekend we have approached others both inside the Labour Party and beyond, and can find no evidence to support it. 

It is yet more evidence of what Private Eye has called the fratricide that exists between the members of the constituency of Heywood and Middleton, and the Simon Danczuk's neighboring constituency  of Rochdale.  In the Rochdale Labour Party there is a kind of never ending in-house smear campaign.  It's a right old Punch and Judy show up here. 


Anonymous said...

Even Nigel Farage mentioned today the divisive natured of Rochdale and Heywood and Middleton, with the party failing to bus in party workers to replace the boycotting local members. Across the internet it says this boycott is due to the campaign being run by the same people who have been attacking Dobbin for years. Local party members are up in arms. Rumour the small number of the Rochdale supporters in the H & M party have had their positions taken off them by the grassroot members of the CLP. No doubt the Rochdale smear campaign will go into overdrive, H&M members beware.

Cods Wallop said...

One unsubstantiated tale being put out by the Danczuk camp last week is that Colin Lambert went to the media to attack Jim.