Sunday, 14 September 2014

ICO in "Contempt of Court" over blacklisting!

We are publishing below the latest briefing from the Blacklist Support Group (BSG). It is of interest to note that according to BSG, around 100 public bodies have now decided that contracts should not be awarded to blacklisting companies. Tameside Labour controlled council, in Greater Manchester, is not on this list and continues to outsource jobs and services to Carillion, a company that is currently facing legal action by workers in the High Court for alleged activites involving the blacklisting of trade unionists in the building trade.
1. Chuka Umunna pledges an inquiry into blacklisting in speech to the TUC Congress in Liverpool:
"I'm proud to say we will do what this Government has refused to: launch a full enquiry, held publically, into the inexcusable blacklisting of workers in the construction sector. Let me be clear. If am given the privilege of serving as Business Secretary in the next Labour Government we will deliver justice to those workers who lost their livelihoods and end blacklisting for once and for all."

BSG applaud Labour's pledge for a full enquiry for blacklisted workers.
Every stone needs to be turned to expose the full sordid details of this human rights conspiracy. bsg will continue to push for a full public inquiry to hear evidence from those who have been affected by the national scandal plus the directors of multinational construction firms and undercover police officers.
2. ICO in "Contempt of Court" over blacklisting.
GMB union has started enforcement proceedings accusing the ICO of being in contempt of court over their apparent favouring of the employers compensation scheme while still refusing to provide similar information to the trade unions.
3. Compensation scheme deadlines.
There are some deadlines that have been imposed by the firms blacklisting compensation scheme. BSG are not legally qualified to give advice, so we encourage any potential claimants to contact their trade union; UNITE, UCATT, GMB or RMT or Guney, Clark & Ryan solicitors. But if you have a Consulting Association blacklist file and are still considering whether to join the High Court claim or accept the pitiful offer from the firms, please email on return and we will give you some pointers

4. No public contracts for blacklisters
Around 100 public bodies have passed motions stating that no public contracts should be awarded to firms involved in blacklisting. Islington Council recently threw Kier off of the £16.5m a year Housing repairs contract because of the firm's involvement with the Consulting Association blacklist. Its a pity some of the other public bodies who have passed symbolic resolutions are are not prepared to take a similar stand.

5. Blacklist Support Group - established 2009
Blacklist Support Group is the justice campaign and support network for anyone caught up in UK construction industry blacklisting scandal. Trade unionists, safety campaigners, journalists, academics and environmental activists were all blacklisted by big business. Multinational building contractors have for decades compiled a secret database of union members in the UK construction industry. It was finally exposed in 2009 after a raid on the offices of the Consulting Association that operated the blacklist on behalf of the major companies. Union members were denied work over many years because they had been stewards or safety reps on previous building projects. Raising concerns about asbestos, poor toilet facilities or unpaid wages could result in a union member being added to this blacklist. Evidence has come out over the past five years that proves beyond any doubt that the police and the security services were involved in the blacklisting.
Blacklist Support Group have demanded since 2009:
  • A full public inquiry by the UK government
  • A public apology from the firms
  • A compensation fund
  • Jobs for blacklisted workers on major projects
  • NO public contracts for proven blacklisting companies
  • Criminal charges against the human rights abusers
We have fought them in the courts, in parliament plus civil disobedience and industrial action on building sites. Blacklisted workers are still waiting for justice.


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