Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Questions for Bury Council Leader

Questions for the full Council Meeting of Bury MBC relevant to the proposed change to three weekly collections of Grey Bins:
Given that in anticipation of what Bury MBC may regard as 'teething problems' in relation to the proposed change to the collection of 'grey waste', Waste Management has recently issued an instruction for bin operatives:
1     i)     Not to collect side-waste left beside bins.
2     ii)    To only to remove bins with raised lids if if it is deemed safe to do so at the discretion of the operative.
3     iii)   To only remove over-weight bins at the discretion of the operative.
The question then arises as to who will remove the 'side-waste' and bins that are left stranded in the streets?
If the answer in the case of 'side-waste' is that the 'side-waste'left behind will be removed later by other operatives from the Streets Cleansing Department, doesn't this mean that the whole procedure is simply a conjuring trick that is transferring the collection of the waste from one department (Waste Removal) to another (Street Cleansing)? Thus, the cost of removal of the waste is merely shifted from one department to another by a bureaucratic slight-of-hand.
Please will you also enlighten me as to what happens regarding the over-weight bins and those with raised bin lids, and as how this represents a saving?
Please can you acknowledge these questions.
Brian Bamford (Secretary of Bury Unite Commercial Branch),

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Dave said...

Get on You-Tube in the top search box put in bury council meetings it will show you the full council meeting in july.

Under bury council highlighted in blue click on by digital tree media this takes you to there web site the video of the 10 September meeting should be first up.