Friday, 26 September 2014

Danczuk's D-Day?

TONIGHT's the night for Simon Danczuk MP for Rochdale!  Will he or won't he get re-selected or adopted again at a special meeting tonight as the candidate for Rochdale?  Rumour is that he will be re-adopted; what with all the publicity and press coverage he got over Cyril Smith scandal, and especially now that he is fast recreating himself as the principle pundit on child abuse in all the world.

He's got an eye like a shithouse rat for publicity, or even, dare one say it? a Cyril Smith. 

Only this week he has turned on his leader Ed Milibore, and declared that the Labour leader has been far too dilatory in tackling the constitutional issues raised by the Scottish referendum. 

Mr. Danczuk told the media:
'I'm surprised the Labour leadership didn't steel the march on the Conservatives and it would have been helpful to have come out early, straight after the Scottish referendum results, and set out proposals for England.  We have now allowed the Conservatives to set the terms of the debate and David Cameron is desparately trying to control the debate as to whether English MPs can vote on English legistlation.  I genuinely agree there should not be Scottish MPs voting on English legislation.'

The problem then arises as if a Labour government would ever be able to get legislation through the House of Commons, without its Scottish MPs?

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