Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Liz McInnes wants to make a difference

JIM Murphy, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, who has just got back from campaigning for a 'Better Together' Union in the Scottish referendum was confronted by hecklers during his visit to Middleton to help Liz McInnes the Labour candidate.  Mr. Murphy was told to 'go back to Scotland', but he said that when he was in Scotland they told him to go to England he said 'I can't win'

Murphy said:
'People are angry and frustrated.  The world has changed and a lot of people didn't have  a say on that change.  Traditional Labour voters have been affected.  But a vote for Ukip is vote for the Tories and the same old politics.'

Liz McInnes, a trade unionist and President of Oldham Trade Union Council, has said that she isn't worried by Ukip and says she wants to keep the seat in honour of Jim Dobbin's memory.  She was on her soapbox in Middleton Gardens, along with Mr. Muphy.
She says:  'I want to make a difference.  I worked for the NHS, I'm not a professional politician.' 

Labour seems to be playing on the NHS as an issue in this election.

Mr. Murphy said:  'If people don’t fancy the Tories, how can they flirt with Ukip? People here are good, common sense people - they don’t want anything to do with Ukip’s ideology. This by-election is about the issues facing people - not Ukip. They’re super-charged Tories.'

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