Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ukraine, Russia & Channel 4 News

E-mail to Jon Snow
Mr Snow,
In an uncredited report on The Channel 4 News website (1) it states:
'The UK calls again on Russia to enter into dialogue with Ukraine and with the international community to resolve this crisis through diplomacy and in accordance with international law, not to exacerbate it further through unilateral and provocative actions.
"Continuing to ignore those calls will bring serious consequences for Russia. We will urgently consider our response to this latest escalation with our allies and partners, including at the European Council this week.'

Seriously, after the flagrant transgressions of international law that the UK has enthusiastically participated in, with illegal wars and supporting the removal of democratic governments all over the place, how can you continue publishing such utterly insulting rot?

On the Channel 4 News website I just read:
'Channel 4 News (21 FEBRUARY 2013) picked up six awards at the leading television journalism awards in the UK, including daily news programme of the year and presenter of the year for Jon Snow, who was hailed as being "consistently in a class of his own".'

In a class of your own? Considering the class of propaganda coming from you and your outfit on a daily basis, and considering who bestows those honours, I'm saying nothing apart from the fact those awards are clearly deserved.

Ed Murray

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