Monday, 10 March 2014

Salford to be Swallowed by Manchester?

EVAN Davies thinks Salford should become Manchester. Can we all politely tell Evan that Salford is a city of it own and as a public servant we would rather he didn't use his platform to advocate the demise of our proud and historic city.

The Mayor of Salford has slammed Mr Davis’s comments - saying it was ‘quite surprising that a journalist wants to rewrite the geography of the country’. He added: 'What really is confusing is when a media pundit tries to shift the boundaries of the city. The Quays are in Salford - they always have been and always will be and people know that. This view is typical of a London-centric view of the world. Fortunately the British isles is more diverse than London and a handful of big cities. Our strength in the north lies is our diversity, not in all being the same.'

According to the today's Manchester Evening News, Mr. Davis said: 'There is one issue with Salford and one or two of the other outer boroughs [in Greater Manchester]. It’s a serious problem for Manchester that other people refuse to be called Manchester. It’s doing it no favours. It [Salford] should be called Manchester.'

Source Steve North, Salford TUC.

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