Friday, 31 January 2014

Salford Council close Civic Centre in knee jerk response to anti-fracking protest

FIVE Barton Moss Protectors took part in non-violent direct action today (Friday Jan 31st) in the reception area of Swinton Civic Centre.   Two  protectors locked their arms together within a tube and a 3rd was super glued to one of them.    Two other protectors super glued themselves to a window.   

This action drew attention to Salford Councils planning consent for the exploration and production of coalbed methane at Barton Moss.    It's probable that I-Gas who took over the planning consents from Nexen UK will also frack for shale gas at Barton Moss.  

The protectors also referred to Salford Council's pension funds being invested in I-Gas.    Another issue raised was the disproportionate force being used by the Tactical Aid Unit at Barton Moss which has resulted in a number of protectors suffering injuries.    

Salford Council  closed their offices and refused admission to members of the public against the wishes of the protectors, who were not blockikng the entrance and were prepared to engage with members of the public.     Police evidence gathers filmed the protectors and a recovery team eventually managed to free the protectors.    The five protectors were arrested and were released from Swinton Police Station at about 8.30pm.  

There have been over 100 arrests at Barton Moss since the protests but the resolve and determination of the protectors is as strong as ever.    Furthermore, there is evidence that the public are supporting the anti-fracking campaign in ever increasing numbers and Camerons government and the fracking companies are getting desperate in offering bribes to local councils and communities to agree to fracking.

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