Monday, 13 January 2014

Remembering the Real WWI: Public meeting #3

Time: to
Venue: Hydra Bookshop, 34 Old Market St, Bristol BS2 0EZ
Price: Free

This is the third meeting in Bristol to discuss opposition to David Cameron's 'truly national commemoration' of WW1 stressing our 'national spirit'.

Already the propaganda war has begun. Mr Gove told the Daily Hate Mail, that people's understanding of the war had been overlaid by "misrepresentations" which at worst reflected "an unhappy compulsion on the part of some to denigrate virtues such as patriotism, honour and courage…The conflict has, for many, been seen through the fictional prism of dramas such as Oh, What a Lovely War!, The Monocled Mutineer and Blackadder, as a misbegotten shambles - a series of catastrophic mistakes perpetrated by an out-of-touch elite"

Nationally there are plans by radical history groups to ensure that attention is given to the real causes and effects of WW1 and how mass refusals, strikes, mutinies and revolution helped end it. Bristol has long radical traditions and we know there are groups and individuals across the city who will want to ensure that there are events locally remembering the reality of World War 1. We want to facilitate this. We want to encourage the widest possible range and number of events -- meetings, music, theatre, film, exhibitions etc. What might be organised (and how) will largely be determined by the individuals and groups who get involved. The involvement of a wide spectrum of people and groups will ensure a greater cross-fertilisation of ideas; events can be publicised more widely; and they can reach a wider audience. So if you are interested in participating please come along to this meeting.

A Bristol based blog has already been launched:

This meeting is jointly organised by Bristol Stop the War Coalition and Bristol Radical History Group.
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