Monday, 27 January 2014

Demonstration in solidarity with Barton Moss Protectors Camp in oppostion to fracking by I-Gas

ANOTHER large demonstration and rally took place on Sunday 26th January against the I-Gas company which is planning to frack for shale gas.     Over 1000 people took part in a peaceful march along the A 57 main road to Barton Moss Road.    Protestors came from all over the country to emphasise the massive opposition which is developing to fracking.   Cuadrilla has run into serious difficulties on the Fylde due to major problems with the disposal of radioactive water from their site there and securing the necessary permits.    Clearly the fracking companies are on the defensive and the Barton Moss Protectors are waging a courageous but peaceful campaign notwithstanding the provocation and tactics of Greater Manchester Police.     At least 2 protectors have suffered facial injuries recently and the number of arrests at Barton Moss is increasing by the day and indicates the strength of opposition to fracking.


Anonymous said...

Has the anti-fracking campaign considered challenging the Greater Manchester Police Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, about GMP's policing policy at Barton Moss?

I know that Lloyd will probably hide behind an excuse that operational decisions are the preserve of the Chief Constable but he should be forced to say this rather than it being assumed that he will say it. Also a press release publicising the issue being raised with Lloyd will make for good publicity.

The police are clearly deliberately setting out to impede the effectiveness of the protest. I was at Manchester Magistrates Court this morning to support comrades wrongfully arrested for obstructing the highway at Barton Moss Road (a private road!). It was clear that the arrests, the deferments of cases and the bail conditions are being used to take dozens of people away from the scene of the action.

Widespread publicity for police disruption of the protest will lead large numbers of people into studying the campaign objectives, who may not have otherwise done so.


Editor said...

This seems to us a sensible comment by 'John', which requires serious consideration at a time when some of the resident protesters (protectors) on the site and in front of the Swinton Civic Hall, are under systematic attack from the authorities in Salford and beyond.