Tuesday, 14 January 2014

'Bedroom Tax' loophole could see up to 40,000 exempted!

Working age tenants who live in social housing, may be exempt from the 'Bedroom Tax' if the have lived in the same house since before before 1996 and have been claiming housing benefit continuously since then.

Housing experts estimate that up to 40,000 households could be affected and the cost of refunds could run into the millions of pounds, along with associated legal costs and compensation for families who had to pay removal companies to move out of their homes. All could be eligible for refunds worth on average at least £640 per claimant, credited to their rent account.

According to the Guardian, this would have applied to Stephanie Bottril, of Solihull, who took her own life in May last year, after blaming the government's 'Bedroom Tax' for making her life impossible. In a circular to Housing Benefit Staff, the DWP have confirmed that some tenants are exempt under this loophole which they are intending to close.

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