Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wanabee an MP

Intro: Earlier this year an application for land at Springfield Park, Marland in Rochdale, for a Golf Driving Range was turned down. Recently there was a suggestion in the Rochdale Observer that there was to be a reapplication. What follows is possibly electioneering or wishful thinking or just tactics.

Yesterday Wera Hobhouse (Lib Dem candidate for Rochdale South) targeted voters in the Marland area of Rochdale, with a leaflet claiming the unpopular plan to take over one half of Springfield Park to build a Golf Driving Range has been rejected. Not true of course! As the leaflet tells the story it's just a claim by another councillor (Irene Davidson, Lib Dem) that the Cabinet is going to reject the plan after the election. Interestingly local ward councillors, Ted and Pat Flynn, don't get a mention in the leaflet. I wonder why? Do they know a bird in the hand is always worth two in the bush?

Signed: SPUD.

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